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Meet Liz



I'm a business coach and I have 25 years of marketing & business experience where I have worked with leaders in many industries to create limitless thinking.  Applying a flexible coaching style enables me to work with personal issues that are often inhibiting business decisions, as well as working with parents and teenagers that face conflict at certain times. 

Offering not only 1-2-1 sessions, I can facilitate workshops for people that are looking to change the way they are thinking about life.  

I have also run workshops for disadvantaged teenagers and parents that are wanting to avoid conflict with their offspring. 

I like to help people understand their core purpose, what influences might have contributed to their sense of unrest, and create actionable steps to move from a place of discontent to a more positive state of mind. 


All my sessions are delivered in an authentic and congruent style, not a prewritten one cap fits all formula. 

Business Consultant, Personal performance Consultant, AMM Accredited Master Mentor (IIC&M) 

The "belimitlessuk" programme provides both business mentoring/consulting and personal mentoring.

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