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Creative inspiration

When I ran an art school in Lanzarote, I was often hearing the words "I'm not creative" "I can't paint/draw etc", 'I'm rubbish at anything like that". I'm pretty sure this is down to our childhood when we were compared with other classmates, or told by the art teacher (as in my case) that I'd not got a creative bone in my body.

Changing your thinking

Well apparently they were wrong, I now make a living doing creative things. I'm a creative marketer, a property renovator, and an artist. I make a living doing something that, as a child, I was told I wasn't any good at. It took me 30 years to get to a point of confidence with this fact! I'd like to help you reconsider your thinking on this subject.

My mother in law took up art in her 70's. She's outstanding. One man at my art school can't do 3d, everything he draws and paints is 2d. Does that make him uncreative? No! Far from it. It actually gives him an edge on design, especially textiles!

In business creativity translates to me as someone that thinks outside the box, challenges a direction and continues to create innovative ideas to move forward, pushing through, around and over hurdles that present themselves.

Creativity is your biggest blessing, and even if you don't think you possess any, I'll be more than happy to prove you wrong!

Want to know more? I look foward to hearing from you.

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