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Grow Your Community

I'm challenging the need to build an online community, with the idea that we need to build offline relationships with our customers, that are supported by online communication. I don't believe that online only will work. 2020 being the spectacular year that it has been has forced us to thinking online sales, online shopping, online relationships are the only way. So as we have no other choice at the moment - let's use it right!

Your Tribe needs to know you, and if you only have online methods, make them a zoom call where you can, look into their eyes, leave voice notes, get personal. Get to know your customers by not only following them on social but engage with them. Truly seek to understand what is important to them, and don't just like a post, engage with it - draw comparisons, and make suggestions.

Just as you would if at a party.

Keep that analogy in your mind at all times. So the instagrammer showing you her newly designs activewear brand, like the post but ask : Are they comfy? Do all sizes fit? What colours do you do? Lazy friendships aren't acceptable when we are face to face and they aren't acceptable online either.

Make the effort and it will come back in spades!

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